University Professors receive prestigious honour

Posted by pt91 at Nov 09, 2011 03:00 PM |
Four Leicester scholars have been recognised for their significant contribution to the social sciences.

The Academy of Social Sciences, composed of over 700 Individual Academicians and 40 Learned Societies has conferred the award of Academician to four distinguished scholars from the University of Leicester. The award is for making a significant contribution to the social sciences and is by nomination and peer group review.

The recipients of the honour are:

Professor Panicos Demetriades, of our Department of Economics. Professor Demetriades has regularly commented on the economic situation in Greece and Cyprus to a variety of renowned publications including the New York Times, The Economist and Germany’s national newspaper Die Welt.

Professor Mary Dixon-Woods, of our Department of Health Sciences. Recent research by Professor Dixon-Woods lifted the lid on attitudes faced by nut allergy sufferers and she was also part of an international team that worked out the secret behind one of the world's most successful patient safety programmes.

Professor Gianni De Fraja, of Economics. He recently conducted a study examining the importance of the socio-economic background of a family, concluding that parents’ efforts towards their child’s educational achievement are crucial and play a more significant role than those of the school or child.

Professor Barrie Gunter, of the Department of Media and Communications whose recent work has focused on alcohol advertising and its effect on young people’s drinking.