Student Drama Soc announces Shakespeare season

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Love’s Labours and Measure lined up for this term, more to come.

LUTheatre, our excellent student drama society, have announced their ambitious programme for the Autumn term, which will see them perform a Shakespeare play and a play based on Shakespeare plus a musical cabaret evening.

Lost and Found

First up is Lost and Found, adapted from Love’s Labours Lost by medieval history postgrad (and library shelving supervisor) Nick Palmer. It is well known that Shakespeare wrote a sequel to this play, Love’s Labours Won, of which no manuscript survives*. Nick’s play asks two crucial questions:

  • What if Shakespeare's missing follow-up to Love's Labours Lost turned up in the Lost Property Office of the London Underground?
  • In fact, what if Shakespeare's missing follow-up to Love's Labours Lost was the Lost Property Office of the London Underground?…


"This station is Navarre. It’s a home away from home for the four university boys who head up the Lost Property Office in the station building. After slanderous accusations about sexual technique, a tumultuous end to a relationship, and the judicious application of peer pressure, the boys decide to swear off women for the rest of their university careers.

"But that task is doomed to failure with the arrival of four new staff members who set the boys’ pulses racing. To avoid breaking their oaths the boys have to work extra hard to conceal their attempts to win the girls’ hearts, that’s if the girls are content to be won. But, then, the course of true love never did run smooth!"

  • Lost and Found will be staged in the O2 Academy 2, Percy Gee Building, over 23-25 November at 7.30pm. Tickets are £7/£5.

A Night at the Musicals

The following week you can enjoy the musical miscellany that is A Night at the Musicals...


"Sometimes the brightest star to shine is friendship!

"This is the lesson a group of university students will learn when they return home for a last Christmas Party none of them will forget. Secrets, doubts and the strength of love and friendship are revealed through the medium of music. A cabaret-style evening of food and fun, with songs from all your favourite musicals including Grease, Chicago and Wicked and with script by LUTheatre’s very own Emma Ingleton and Sara Slack."

  • There will actually be three Nights at the Musicals, on 30 November, 1 December and 2 December. This one is in The Square in the Percy Gee Building. Tickets are £8/£5, kick-off 7.30pm.

Measure for Measure

Finally this term comes the full Shaky: a modern-dress production of the ever-popular Measure for Measure:


"Vice and depravity are rife in the city of Vienna. Duke Vincentio resolves to appoint the virtuous Lord Angelo as his deputy. But Angelo's moral crusade goes awry when he makes an example of young Claudio – and Claudio's sister, a novice nun, pleads for her brother's life. The bargain Angelo offers thows Isabella into turmoil.

"Will Isabella trade her virtue for her brother's life? Does the meddlesome Duke have an ulterior motive? Will Angelo succumb to temptation?"

  • Find out the answers on 8-10 December when LUTheatre present Measure for Measure in the O2 Academy 2. Shakespeare plays being quite long, this one starts at 7.00pm. Tickets are £8/£5.

Tickets for all shows are available now from the University Bookshop or email Sarah on to reserve your seats.

The two Shakespeare plays are part of RSC Open Stages, a project that aims to embrace, develop and celebrate amateur theatre, re-forging the bond with the world of professional theatre. If you’ve got your 2012 diary handy, make a note that the several poor players of LUTheatre (and some of the good ones!) will be doing more strutting and fretting upon the O2 Academy stage next year when they present Romeo and Juliet on 21-23 March and a Shakespeare Marathon over 18-22 June!

*Some leading literary scholars believe it was destroyed when Shakespeare helped the Doctor and Martha defeat the Carrionites.

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