Research uncovers alien worlds in the night sky

Posted by fi17 at Nov 15, 2011 12:35 PM |
University researchers help in the discovery of a new solar system in collaboration with the Qatar Foundation.
Research uncovers alien worlds in the night sky

Image:Wikipedia commons

Researchers from our Department of Physics and Astronomy, along with Harvard University and St Andrews University, have been involved in an international study that has announced the discovery of a new solar system.

The Qatar Exoplanet Survey team led the discovery of the solar system, which consists of at least two planets named Qatar-2b and 2c. To find the new world, QES's wide-angle cameras (located in New Mexico) took images of the sky every clear night beginning in early 2009. The photographs were then transmitted to Qatar for initial analysis. Further analysis at the University of Leicester then narrowed the field to a few hundred candidate stars.

The discovery was announced by Qatar astronomer Dr Khalid Al Subai, leader of the research team and a research director at Qatar Foundation. He hopes that this great achievement will further demonstrate Qatar's commitment to becoming a leader in innovative science and research, after the same survey team made its first discovery of an alien world, the planet Qatar-1b, earlier last year.