Tigers tone up for Twickers at the University

Posted by pt91 at May 20, 2011 03:51 PM |
If the Leicester Tigers clinch the Premiership rugby title the University can definitely claim an assist.

The Twickenham pitch is 10m wider than the normal Tigers training pitch so, keen to practice on the size of pitch that the final would be played on, the Tigers turned to the University for help.

Our Stoughton Road Playing Fields were perfect and smart work by the groundstaff produced a pitch of the right size for Tigers to practice their moves. Normally, these fields would consist of six soccer pitches, three rugby and one lacrosse pitch coupled with two cricket squares. That's in addition to the facilites at the Manor Hall Sports Hall and those on campus, all run by our Sports and Recreation Service.

What did they practice? We asked Director of Sport Colin Hide but he is sworn to secrecy. However, he has sent us this photograph of the training Tigers in full swing.

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