Seeing the same GP each time can ease hospital admissions

Posted by pt91 at May 18, 2011 03:20 PM |
Statisticians at the University of Leicester have shown that when patients are able to see a particular GP in a doctor’s surgery, that can help to reduce emergency hospital admissions.
Seeing the same GP each time can ease hospital admissions

Credit: Lisa Jarvis, from the Geograph project

The study was led by Dr John Bankart, a research fellow in medical statistics in our Department of Health Sciences, and examined several factors associated with hospital admission rates.

Those practices where patients were able to see a particular GP on every visit were less likely to be associated with greater emergency hospital admissions. Deprivation, age, ethnicity and gender were also factors that were linked to admission rates, but not clinical or organisational performance.

However, Dr Bankart has said that the results demonstrate that GP practices will struggle to impact on hospital admission rates given that many of these factors are outside of the GP’s control.

The research, which also involved Professor Andy Wilson from Health Sciences, Dr Ron Hsu from our Department of Medical and Social Care Education, Dr Simon Conroy from our Department of Cardiovascular Sciences and colleagues from the local NHS trusts, was published in the Emergency Medicine Journal.