Institute of Physics honours Engineering Professor

Posted by pt91 at May 27, 2011 03:40 PM |
A week of awards and distinctions from all corners of the University concludes with the award of a Fellowship of the Institute of Physics to Professor John Fothergill.

Professor Fothergill is the Head of our Department of Engineering, a former Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University, and a stalwart of the University with over 25 years spent teaching and researching here.

He has been elected to a Fellowship of the Institute of Physics in recognition of his personal contribution to the advancement of physics as a discipline and a profession. The Institute is a scientific charity devoted to increasing the practice, understanding and application of physics.

His main interest is in the area of 'dielectrics' which considers the interaction of electric fields with matter. His work has taken him from looking at stimulating muscles using electrical pulses to investigating the properties of polymeric insulation, such as that used in power cables. He has also made innovative use of podcasts to supplement his lectures.

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