Briquette by briquette: empowering communities in Kenya

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Leicester researchers had the opportunity to demonstrate the benefit that their work is making to the Prime Minister of Kenya.
Briquette by briquette: empowering communities in Kenya

The Kenyan Prime Minister with Ed Morrison.

For nearly thirty years the Department of Biology’s Dr David Harper has been researching in Kenya, with much of his work focusing on and around Lake Naivasha. It’s a lake with some serious problems: it’s two metres lower than it should be and its ecology is deteriorating.

He and his team of researchers have just returned from a successful field research visit to Kenya's Rift Valley where they were central to the creation of a new initiative - ‘Imarisha Naivasha’ - to help restore this damaged lake. Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga was present at a practical fair to launch the initiative and to view first-hand some of the processes which help to save water and carbon in the local area.

PhD student Ed Morrison demonstrated briquette-making. This charcoal-saving process, which Ed is championing around Naivasha, makes fuel from waste paper, cardboard or plant material and, in a country where charcoal is the major source of energy, helps in a small way to save forests

‘Imarisha Naivasha’, or ‘Empower Naivasha’, hopes to coordinate local industries and communities with government agencies and international NGOs to ensure that the lake has a sustainable future.

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