Varsity triumph

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It was a clash of titans. Two teams of superb athletes at the peak of their physical prowess, locked in battle for the honour of their alma mater and the glory of their comrades. The sort of sporting event where legends are made.

Players struggled, spirits were lifted, hopes were dashed. There could be only one victor. And in the end, it was the University of Leicester who triumphed over De Montfort University with a convincing 12 points to eight.

Meanwhile, away from the ultimate frisbee competition, there was also the little matter of the rugby.

This was the tenth year of the world's greatest inter-university sporting clash (Camwho? Oxwhatnow?) and our women's team triumphed yet again with a resounding 29-10 result. Then the men's team stepped onto the field and, not to put too fine a point on the matter, wiped the floor with DMU, 49-12. Both matches took place at the Leicester Tigers ground; you can read a detailed report on the Tigers website.

The Varsity clash kicked off last week with the men's and women's football matches at the Walkers Stadium. We won four of the five Varsity soccer games and only lost the men's fourth team match on penalties.

As can be seen from the list below, Varsity covers a wide range of sporting disciplines - cricket and snowboarding competitions in the same week! - in most of which we soundly thrashed our respected opponents from across town. We even beat them at mountaineering, a result which raises two important questions:

  • How do you score points in competitive mountaineering?
  • Where are the mountains in Leicestershire?

All things considered, assigning three points for a win, the overall Varsity score was Leicester 78, DMU 21.

Huzzah for us!

Those Varsity 2011 results in full

Sport (team) Leicester DMU Winner
Badminton (Men 1) 4 4 Leicester1
Badminton (Men 2) 6 2 Leicester
Badminton (Women) 7 1 Leicester
Badminton (Mixed) 6 2 Leicester
Basketball (Men) 69 75 DMU
Basketball (Women) 68 50 Leicester
Cricket 1   by 15 runs DMU
Cricket 2 by 74 runs   Leicester
Equestrian     DMU2
Football (Men 1) 2 0 Leicester
Football (Men 2) 3 3 Leicester3
Football (Men 3) 2 0 Leicester
Football (Men 4) 1 1 DMU4
Football (Women) 3 0 Leicester
Hockey (Men) 4 2 Leicester
Hockey (Women) 7 3 Leicester
Hockey (Mixed) 1 3 DMU
Mountaineering 178 80 Leicester
Netball 1 29 38 DMU
Netball 2 47 17 Leicester
Netball 3 52 10 Leicester
Rowing 6 3 Leicester
Rugby Union (Men 1) 49 12 Leicester
Rugby Union (Men 2) 10 15 DMU
Rugby Union (Women) 29 10 Leicester
Ski and Snowboarding 5 1 Leicester
Squash (Men) 5 2 Leicester
Squash (Women) 1 0 Leicester
Swimming  76 36 Leicester
Tennis (Men 1) 12 0 Leicester
Tennis (Men 2) 11 1 Leicester
Tennis (Women) 8 4 Leicester
Ultimate Frisbee 12 8 Leicester
  1. Leicester won 10-9 on games.
  2. 1st - DMU A team; 2nd - Leicester B team; 3rd - Leicester A team; 4th DMU B team.
  3. Leicester won on penalties.
  4. DMU won on penalties.

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