University of Leicester in the News: 14 to 20 March 2011

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University of Leicester in the News: 14 to 20 March 2011

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The University had a wealth of worldwide coverage this week thanks to a new development in detecting counterfeit whisky. Researchers in the Space Research Centre are working with De Montfort University to create a handheld device that will spot fake whisky and wine through the bottle.

The story resulted in a host of local, national and international media coverage. Trade publications such as The Engineer (16 March) and Food and Drink International (16 March) covered it as did science websites such as New Scientist’s One Per Cent (17 March) and ScienceDaily (18 March), as well as business sites such as Midlands Business News (16 March). It also appeared in the Metro (17 March), Scottish Star (17 March) and Leicester Mercury (16 March) newspapers, while it was featured internationally in Zee News (17 March) and the Times of India (17 March) among others.

The Leicester Mercury featured the opening of the Percy Gee Building twice, first on 16 March and then on 19 March with pictures. They also interviewed archaeological technician at the University Ian Reeds on 16 March about his upcoming round-the-world challenge. The University’s display of Desert Quartet, by sculptor Elisabeth Frink and installed in the University’s Botanic Garden, was reviewed on 17 March.

Dr Ruth Page of the School of English wrote a blog for the Guardian’s Higher Education Network section on 14 March, in which she discusses the use of social media by academics. They also interviewed Richard Taylor, Director of Corporate Affairs and Planning, on 14 March about how increased tuition fees will change the way that universities market themselves.

Drs Neil Chakraborti and Jon Garland from the Department of Criminology were quoted in a blog by BBC home editor Mark Easton (15 March) on the comments on ‘Englishness’ by Midsomer Murders co-creator Brian True-May.

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