The justifiable jurisprudence of John Austin: public lecture on legal theory

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A new series of public lectures on Legal and Political Theory starts next week with a look at the great 19th century legal philosopher John Austin.

A former soldier and barrister, John Austin (1790-1859) wrote extensively on the philosophical aspects of law while mixing with fascinating folk such as John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham. He is regarded as the father of ‘analytical jurisprudence’ – essentially the philosophical study of law – and specifically the theory of ‘legal positivism’ which holds that law and morality do not necessarily have to correlate.

On Wednesday 9 March 2011, Professor Matthew Kramer from the University of Cambridge's Faculty of Law will speak about ‘Austin on Punishment’ in a free public lecture at the University of Leicester. The lecture will be jointly chaired by Professor Claire Grant from our School of Law and Dr Philip Cook from our Department of Politics and International Relations.

The venue for the lecture will be the Ken Edwards Building, Lecture Theatre 3, starting at 5.00pm and there will be a wine reception afterwards.

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