Leicester Exchanges live debates launch in London

Posted by pt91 at Mar 22, 2011 02:30 PM |
The Leicester Exchanges live debates debut this week with a discussion on the pros and cons of prison reform by four expert panellists.
Leicester Exchanges live debates launch in London

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The event takes place on Wednesday March 23 and is hosted by the Tower of London, one of Britain’s earliest prisons and a fitting venue for the debate. It will tackle many of the issues raised by Justice Secretary Ken Clarke’s Green Paper on sentencing. Mr Clarke proposes to break the cycle of crime through more effective punishment and rehabilitation of offenders.

The debate has already started over on the Leicester Exchanges website, with Leicester Professor of Criminology Carol Hedderman putting forward the case for probation rather than punishment; Professor Panu Minkkinen from our School of Law tries to explain why we feel the need to punish; whilst  Professor of Political Studies John Benyon makes the case for finding alternatives to incarceration.

On Wednesday we’ll be bringing the debate to the general public. Professor Hedderman will be joining Heather Munro, Chief Executive of London Probation; Blair Gibbs, Head of Crime and Justice policy for the independent think tank Policy Exchange; and Mark Johnson, special adviser to the National Probation Service and an ex-offender.

Each will give their view on the topic ‘Should we punish or reform offenders?' before taking questions from the public. An alternative ‘green paper’ summarising the outcome of this and other debates, aimed at decision makers, academic thinkers and opinion leaders, will be published soon after. Video recordings of each of the Leicester Exchanges live debates will also be available online.

The event is now fully booked, but the debate is still in full swing on Leicester Exchanges – the floor is yours so head over there now to get involved.