E-learning video wins award; e-learning conference nears

Posted by mjs76 at Mar 30, 2011 11:25 AM |
A short video demonstrating our Second Life genetics lab has won a brace of awards – in Second Life. (And there's still time to register for our Learning Futures Festival.)

The Fourth Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) Conference was held - inside the virtual world - a couple of real weeks ago. Academics and e-teachers from all over cyberspace put on their best pixels to gather for the awards ceremony, recognising achievements in the sector.

A three-minute video promoting the University of Leicester’s SWIFT project took home the award for Best Educational Video* and also topped the People’s Choice category. SWIFT is a virtual laboratory (see previous Newsblog story) created by GENIE, our Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning in Genetics, in collaboration with our e-learning department, the Beyond Distance Research Alliance (BDRA).

The video features avatars of Paul Rudman and Suzanne Lavelle, explaining the benefits of giving first year students experience of safety procedures and equipment in the virtual world before letting them loose in a real-life lab.

Follow the Sun: 13-15 April 2011

If you’re keen to find out more about SWIFT and similar e-learning initatives, don’t forget that you can join the 2011 Learning Futures Festival next month. Follow the Sun (see previous Newsblog story) runs for 48 hours non-stop from 9.00am BST on Wednesday 13 April.

Latest additions to the speaker line-up include Wayne Mackintosh, Director of the Open Educational Resource Foundation, who is working on founding the OER University; plus e-learning guru Donald Clark (founder of e-learning leaders Epic Group plc and learning advisor to the World Bank, the UN and NATO) who will put the virtual cat among the 3D pigeons by arguing that “the lecture is dead”.

‘Attendance’ at Follow the Sun is free for University of Leicester staff and students (and pretty cheap for everyone else – amazing how you can cut costs by not having to hire a venue!). Please note that you don't need to currently be a Second Life user to follow proceedings: it will be possible to view what's happening in Second Life from the comfort of Real Life.

*Technically it was Best Educational ‘Machinima’, which means a video created from 3D modelling/viewing software.

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