By no fault of their own: engineering professor on sliding modes

Posted by pt91 at Mar 28, 2011 05:10 PM |
Finding and fixing faults at our free public lecture on 29 March.

The next professorial inaugural lecture is to be given by Professor Chris Edwards of the Department of Engineering. Professor Edwards will discuss how ‘sliding modes’ can be used for fault detection and fault tolerant control.

In some safety critical systems, such as passenger aircraft, enormous care is taken during the design and manufacturing process to make the chance of faults occurring during use extremely improbable.

Increasingly automation systems are being employed and the 'human in the loop' is being replaced by computer-based systems: so-called control systems. These monitor the system of interest and automatically make adjustments to optimise performance.

However, a challenging problem is to develop control systems which are able to tolerate malfunctions and which are still able to provide some level of performance. ‘Sliding mode’ systems, according to Professor Edwards, may well be a solution.

This free public lecture will take place at 5.30pm on Tuesday 29 March 2011 in Lecture Theatre 1 of the Ken Edwards Building.

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