University of Leicester in the News: 6 – 12 June

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A regular review from the Press Office of selected coverage of the University in the media
University of Leicester in the News: 6 – 12 June

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Research presented at the Postgraduate Research Festival this week piqued the interest of the media. Particularly successful were the following:

A study that reveals that the brain behaves differently when reading Arabic to most Western languages by Abubaker Almabruk from the School of Psychology. It was covered by Doctors Lounge (6 June), MSN Health & Fitness (6 June), U.S. News & World Report‎ (6 June), (6 June) and WSFA (7 June).

A new technique being investigated by Dr Sadat Edroos of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences that may prevent damage following a heart attack simply by squeezing your arm was picked up by‎ (7 June), Medical News Today (7 June), Science Daily (8 June), (7 June) and Saga Health News‎ (7 June). There were also approaches from the Daily Express, Capital FM and BBC World Service.

The Guardian‎ (10 June) interviewed Leicester Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Robert Burgess on the new Higher Education Achievement report (HEAR) that is being developed to succeed the current degree classification system.

Dr John Bond, Fellow of the Department of Chemistry, gave a seminar on his work on tracking patterns in crimes (such as the type of shoes burglars wear) that was picked up by the Daily Mirror (8 June), the Daily Mail (8 June) and local newspaper the Express and Star (10 June).

Dr Jan Zalasiewicz commented on the man-made effects that threaten endangered species for Reuters (10 June) and (10 June). He also wrote a guest blog for Nature’s Soapbox Science (7 June) blog on the Telegraph’s Hay Festival.

Professor Stephen Wood continued to discuss his study on happiness at work by appearing on BBC Radio York (7 June).

Honorary Lecturer Dr Sean Cummings discussed the dangers of testosterone supplements in the Daily Mail (11 June).

And the Leicester Mercury (6 June) highlighted a cancer research project at the University that has received a cash boost thanks to former Donington Park owner Tom Wheatcroft.