The Commercial Pilot Lifestyle

Posted by pt91 at Jun 17, 2011 02:40 PM |
A University of Leicester sociologist has just published the first report on the home lives of commercial airline pilots.

A ground-breaking report on the lifestyle of commercial pilots has been published by Dr Simon Bennett of the Civil Safety and Security Unit (CSSU) within our Institute of Lifelong Learning.

The report, which was prompted by the European Union’s plans to change aircrew flight-time limitations, looks into issues including fatigue, stress, motivation, medical and psychological support and the work-life balance.

The Pilot Lifestyle: a sociological study of the commercial pilot’s work and home life features sleep logs, questionnaires and interview data from hundreds of pilots who took part. Dr Bennett argues that at times when there is a drive to do more with less, it is important to listen to those who know the industry best.

The Pilot Lifestyle is published as number 47 in our series of 'Vaughan Paper' monographs and is available to order via the Institute of Lifelong Learning.