Study shows importance of job design for employee satisfaction

Posted by pt91 at Jun 02, 2011 10:40 AM |
Giving employees greater involvement in their own companies helps to make them happier, according to work by a University of Leicester Professor of Management.

The research has revealed that people who are given greater variety and independence in their jobs feel both less stressed and more satisfied. Employees are also more likely to be happy when management readily shares information and consults with them.

Professor Stephen Wood of our School of Management conducted the study with Lilian de Menezes, Professor at Cass Business School in London. Their findings suggest that several management practices designed to make employees more efficient also make them happier, many of which have little to do with money.

The researchers were investigating high performance work systems and whether they impact upon employee’s anxiety and job satisfaction. It was based on data from the government’s 2004 Workplace Employee Relations Survey and published in the International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Update: radio interviews

Hear Professor Wood interviewed on Three Counties Radio and BBC Radio York.

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