New test for breast cancer investigated at Leicester

Posted by pt91 at Jun 30, 2011 04:30 PM |
A study spearheaded by the University of Leicester aims to find out whether a blood test can detect cancer earlier than current methods
New test for breast cancer investigated at Leicester

Long-time supporter of Hope Against Cancer, Maria Tilton.

Using blood markers associated with the development of breast cancer, the researchers hope to develop simple blood tests to screen for the disease and monitor it.

Led by Dr Jacqui Shaw from our Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine, the project should produce results which will not only allow earlier detection of cancer but also help doctors make decisions on therapy for patients.

The research is funded by local Leicester charity Hope Against Cancer, who have supported many cancer-related projects at the University. The researchers have received a £90,000 Maria Tilton Fellowship, named in memory of Maria Tilton who lost her two-year battle against breast cancer at the age of 49. As well as being a wife, mother of two, dentist and friend, Maria was a keen supporter and advocate of Hope Against Cancer.