Leicester Professor honoured by economics journal

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Special issue celebrates the work of former editor Wojciech Charemza.

The latest edition of the journal Economic Change and Restructuring (volume 44, issue 3) is a special issue in honour of Professor Wojciech Charemza from our Department of Economics.

After studying at the University of Gdansk, Professor Charemza came to the UK in 1983 as a research fellow at the University of Birmingham. He joined the University of Leicester as a Lecturer in Economics in 1987 and has remained here ever since, becoming a Professor in 1991. For many years he was the editor of Economics of Planning, which changed its name to Economic Change and Restructuring in 2005.

Professor Charemza’s particular interest is econometrics, the application of mathematical and statistical methods to economics. His 1993 book New Directions in Econometric Practice: General to Specific Modelling, Cointegration and Vector Autoregression has been very influential in the field and was translated into Polish in 1997. He is also interested in Eastern European economies and his work was influential in that part of the world both before and after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In addition to his work at Leicester, he has been associate editor of Economic Modelling, a member of the International Advisory Board for the European University at St Petersburg, and a member of the Advisory Committee to the Gdansk Institute for Market Economies.


Economic Change and Restructuring is a Springer journal which “publishes cutting-edge research, both theoretical and empirical, on all economic and policy aspects of transitional and emerging economies. In addition to high quality contributions on economic modeling, the journal discusses innovative approaches for economic analysis and policymaking for the development and integration of economies under transition.”

The Introduction to the special issue in honour of Wojciech Charemza (DOI: 10.1007/s10644-011-9110-3) has been written by his colleagues, Professor Stephen G Hall and Dr Dan Ladley.

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