Publishers recognise excellent e-Learning expertise

Posted by pt91 at Jul 15, 2011 05:15 PM |
A distinction for an innovative e-learning expert has brought critical praise for her work at the University of Leicester’s Beyond Distance Research Alliance.

Professor Gilly Salmon, formerly the Head of the BDRA at Leicester, has the honour of being publishing house Routledge’s ‘Education Author of the Month’ for July. It comes as the third edition of her book E-Moderating: The Key to Online Teaching and Learning is published by Routledge.

Much of the book is based on work conducted in the BDRA and the University's Media Zoo, including case studies drawn from projects involving technologies such as wikis, podcasting and Second Life.

In summarising the book, the Publishers say:

Never content to offer superficial revisions or simple 'solutions' against the pace of technological advances, the expanding interest and requirements for online learning, and the changes they have wrought, E-Moderating, 3e offers a richness of applied topics that will directly impact learners and teachers of all kinds. The book is carefully crafted and supported with evidence, examples, and resources for practical guidelines, making it potentially transformational for all practitioners."

E-Moderating: The Key to Online Teaching and Learning (Third Edition) is now available from Routledge, priced at £90 (hardback) or £24.99 (paperback). If the printed word isn’t your thing, you can download the Second Edition and E-tivities: The Key to Active Online Learning, both by Professor Salmon, as Kindle e-books now.