Podium renovation results in 'allot' of good work

Posted by pt91 at Jul 29, 2011 12:20 PM |
You might have thought it was all going into a skip, but in fact the waste materials from the work on the David Wilson Library podium are benefitting community groups in the city.

Several allotment societies from across Leicester City are benefitting from reused flagstones and benches donated from the David Wilson Library podium refurbishment project.

Groundwork Trust are working with young unemployed dads from Beaumont Leys aged sixteen to twenty to help put the heavy structural parts of allotment plots together for other community groups to use. At the moment they're building a garden for people accessing the Helping Hands project at Rowlett Hill which provides support for those who are recovering from drug and drink problems.

The Aylestone Allotments and Leisure Gardeners Society (AALGS) was also able to take flagstones and benches for projects at their site near Saffron Lane, where they have been using the flagstones as a foundation to make accessible raised beds for disabled gardeners.

The Environment Team have a full report on their website.

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