Honorary Graduates 2011 no.4 - Kathy Williams

Posted by mjs76 at Jul 13, 2011 10:04 AM |
Recently retired from longstanding service as the University’s Academic Registrar.

Educated at Wyggeston Girls’ Grammar School (now Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College, next door to us) and the University of Reading, Kathy first came to work at the University of Leicester in 1974 as Principal Clerk in the Higher Degrees Office. After a couple of years she was promoted to Senior Administrative Assistant in the Academic Office, then Assistant Registrar, and then Senior Assistant Registrar and Head of the Academic Office.

From 1993 until her retirement last year, Kathy was the University’s Academic Registrar, responsible for (among other things): student registration, student records, academic quality and standards, admissions and recruitment, academic timetabling and room bookings, certificates and transcripts, student complaints, disciplinary procedures… and indeed, degree ceremonies.

Outside the University, Kathy was Chair of the national Academic Registrars’ Council (ARC) 2001-04; a member of the Higher Education Senior Managers’ Forum (HESMF) 2003-04; and Chair of the Stakeholder Operations Group for the Student Loans Company (2010).

This is just a snapshot of the contribution that Kathy made to the University of Leicester during 36 years of service, which is acknowledged with the bestowing of an Honorary Degree at today’s ceremony – which is somebody else’s responsibility to organise.

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