Fictional first for alumni author

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Brenda Bullock graduated from the University in 1969 and since then has been a teacher with a sideline in writing.

This year, Brenda made her first foray into fiction with And Nothing for Reward, which follows the romance between an older woman and her old university professor, begun when collaborating on a series of magazine articles after nearly thirty years apart.

It's story is inspired by current debates about the ageing population and how society views older people in relationships:

Despite the academic setting, the University of Leicester does not feature in the book although it certainly serves as some inspiration for this tale. However, Brenda has written about the University before, in her non-fiction account of her university years Over the Wall when she studied for her BA in French and her MA.

As they established their working relationship, neither of them had the least idea of what was going to happen to them. After all, they were both far too old for all the turmoil of love: the fun, the laughter, the passion, the guilt, the misery and the heartbreak. Weren’t they?
Brenda Bullock, And Nothing for Reward

Her other non-fiction works include a reflection on her childhood in Birmingham, A Pocket with a Hole, and a light-hearted look at her experience as a female football fan in Reflected Glory.

‘And Nothing For Reward’ is available to order at and Brewin Books, priced at £8.95.

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