Frau im Mond?* Nein - Frauen im Cockpit

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The latest publication in our long-running Vaughan Papers series is eine kleine bit unusual...

The University of Leicester has been publishing the Vaughan Papers for sixty years now. Topics covered have ranged from Church brasses of Leicestershire to The chances of nuclear conflict in Europe but all the papers have one thing in common.

Up to now, they have all been written in English.

Volume 46 in the series is the snappily titled Frauen im Cockpit: Eine ethnographische Studie über weibliche Berufsbilder und Berufspraxis which the observant amongst you will spot has been written in German. Not just ordinary German either but Swiss Standard German or Schriftdeutsch. For non-fluent speakers, the similarly snappy English translation is Female Pilots: An ethnographic study of female professional praxis in a male domain.

What makes this particular paper so notable is that it takes female commercial airline pilots as its subject, and has a unique perspective from its author. Editor Simon Bennett notes:

In 2010 I became aware of an Airbus First Officer, Alexandra Härtner, who had written an ethnography of the female professional pilot as part of her university course. Women are significantly under-represented in the profession. The consequence? Aviation is less than it could be.”

Since 1951, the Vaughan Papers have served the purpose of promoting and disseminating research from our Institute of Lifelong Learning. You can order any of the back issues from the Institute's website and Frauen im Cockpit is now on sale from there at £10.

* The publication has no connection with Fritz Lang's 1929 classic Frau im Mond apart from a vaguely similar title, but we get so few opportunities to reference silent German cinema...

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