University of Leicester in the News: 17-23 January 2011

Posted by pt91 at Jan 25, 2011 10:45 AM |
A regular review of coverage of the University in the media.

A speech by Conservative Cabinet Minister Baroness Warsi, given as part of the University of Leicester’s Sir Sigmund Sternberg Lectures, elicited a huge reaction in the press. Baroness Warsi’s comments on Islamophobia led to the University being mentioned in most of the major nationals.

The Daily Telegraph (19 January) first ran an in-depth piece on her speech, but it was swiftly followed by pieces in the Daily Mail (20 January), the Guardian (20 January) and The Times (22 January), as well as wide coverage in local and specialist media outlets in print and radio. It also appeared as a lead item on the BBC Online website (20 January).

Our other major story of the week, the discovery of a pterosaur fossil preserved with its egg, was also one of the BBC’s lead items (21 January). It remained on the BBC’s Home Page for four days.

It was picked up by the national media and a number of specialist publications and websites, and the School of Museum Studies’ Dr David Unwin was interviewed by the Today programme (21 January), Good Morning Wales (21 January), The World Today (21 January) and BBC Radio Leicester (21 January).

The story even crossed the Atlantic, where it was picked up by the Washington Post (20 January) and the New York Times (20 January).

In other news, ecancermedicalscience (19 January) and HealthNewsDaily (21 January) reported that a new review by Dr Alex Mitchell from our Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine suggests that depression may not be as prevalent as once thought.

And on a lighter note, the Bristol Evening Post (19 January) interviewed X-Factor contestants Diva Fever (one of whom is a Leicester student) on their latest activities.