Leicester graduates in the News: Hiroko Tomida

Posted by pt91 at Jan 06, 2011 03:15 PM |
A University of Leicester graduate has received an accolade for research on women’s issues.

Hiroko Tomida has been awarded the Raicho Hiratsuka Prize of the Japan Women's University for 2011. Hiroko obtained an MPhil in Victorian Studies from the University in 1988 for her study of the Victorian journalist Frances Power Cobbe.

The prize, which is to be awarded at a ceremony on 12 February, is given to a distinguished scholar for research on women's issues. Raicho Hiratsuka (1886-1971), an alumni of the Women's University, was a writer, journalist and pioneer of the Japanese feminist movement.

After leaving Leicester, Dr Tomida held lectureships in Japanese Studies at the Universities of Sheffield and Edinburgh before returning to Japan where she now teaches in several private universities in Tokyo. Her English-language book Hiratsuka Raicho and Early Japanese Feminism was published by Brill in 2004.