University of Leicester in the News: 31 January to 6 February 2011

Posted by pt91 at Feb 07, 2011 03:55 PM |
A regular review of coverage of the University in the media

The results of a study into Martian meteorites by Dr John Bridges and PhD student Hitesh Changela of the Department of Physics and Astronomy was one of the University’s most successful stories this week. Aided by some strong images, it appeared in a number of publications including the Metro (3 February), and had considerable coverage on websites such as Culture24 (3 February), Space Daily (5 February) and the newswire United Press International (2 February).

The discovery of the ‘control-centre’ for the production of sperm cells in plants by a team led by Professor David Twell, Department of Biology, also appeared in several specialist and trade outlets, among them Science Daily (1 February) and (2 February).

The release of satellite images of the cyclone Yasi approaching the Australian coast by the University’s Earth Observation Science group led to some prominent coverage on ITV Central: on 4 February, Central News broadcast their weather programme from the University’s Space Research Centre.

Finally, James Treadwell (Criminology) was on BBC TV (1 February) regarding dating scams while Carlo Ruzza (Sociology) was quoted in New Statesman (3 February) on the use of web technologies to organise direct action.