Sir Patrick Moore writes for Leicester Exchanges!

Posted by mjs76 at Feb 25, 2011 05:30 PM |
Astronomy legend explains why humans must go ‘onward to Mars’ on our new discussion website.
Sir Patrick Moore writes for Leicester Exchanges!

Professor Martin Barstow with Sir Patrick Moore in 2008

Leicester Exchanges, our recently launched website for the discussion of important matters, has contributions from some knowledgeable experts on topics such as climate change and quantifying happiness. One of the current themes asks ‘Should man go to Mars?’ Absolutely, says the latest contributor, Sir Patrick Moore.

Sir Patrick needs no introduction: The Sky at Night has been running on television every month for more than 50 years now and the presenter has missed only one show in all that time. He is an old friend of the University of Leicester and has twice been honoured by the University: he received an Honorary Doctorate of Science in 1995 and thirteen years later was awarded our highest honour, a Distinguished Honorary Fellowship.

Paul Abel from our Centre for Interdisciplinary Science co-presents The Sky at Night with Sir Patrick and has also contributed his views on the viability of manned Martian exploration, as has the Head of our College of Science and Engineering Professor Martin Barstow.

You can join in with the discussion at Leicester Exchanges and keep up to date with Martian matters on our dedicated Twitter account.

A journey to Mars is far more difficult than reaching the Moon, and establishing a Martian Base far more difficult and dangerous than developing a Lunar Base. If we are to attempt it, all nations – and I mean all – must be involved. It is possibly the one project attractive enough to unite all the space teams and if this does happen it could lead on to a really united Earth.
Sir Patrick Moore