Public lecture on cancer, treatment and death

Posted by vm64 at Feb 04, 2011 01:15 PM |
An inaugural lecture on Tuesday 8 February will explore how modern techniques can resolve unanswerable questions in the study of cancer.

Professor Bruno Morgan from our Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine will discuss the potential benefits of imaging techniques when investigating the anti-cancer properties of foods such as fish oils and green tea, determining the progress of cancer treatment and, crucially, analysing the cause of death in cancer patients.

Can non-invasive techniques such as CT and MRI scans provide the same quality and quantity of information as invasive post-mortem techniques? In other words, can a virtual autopsy really replicate a real autopsy?

Professor Morgan, who is Lead Radiologist with our Forensic Pathology Unit, is an early adopter of specialised imaging techniques. Through co-operation with various groups and as a member of the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre Network (ECMC) he has long been committed to promoting the use of novel imaging. 

His lecture entitled ‘Cancer and death: are we asking the right questions?’ takes place on 8 February at 5.30pm in the Ken Edwards Building, Lecture Theatre 1. Like all our inaugural lectures, this is free and open to the public.