New History Lab and The Attic present: A history of Leicester in ten objects

Posted by mjs76 at Feb 16, 2011 05:09 PM |
Two of our postgraduate forums join forces this Friday when the New History Lab meets The Attic to ask: ‘Does material culture have a future in the study of history?’

Every Friday our History postgrads gather for cake and talk at 1 Salisbury Road – the famous New History Lab. Over in Museum Studies, the equivalent is The Attic, the virtual home of the School’s researchers.

This Friday (18 February 2011), The Attic and the New History Lab come together for a one-off event, discussing ‘A history of Leicester in ten objects.’ Inspired by the BBC/British Museum project A History of the World in 100 Objects, this version promises to be more local and a bit shorter.

“In this session,” say the NHL gang on their blog, “we will also comment on the intersections between material culture and History, as well as the opportunities and challenges of using material culture analysis in historical research.”


So which ten objects best sum up centuries of Leicester history? Will any of them be portable enough to bring along to 1 Salisbury Road? Will they be unique items preserved in the city museums or commonly available items that everyone recognises? Perhaps it will be two Roman coins, seven glacier mints and a Leicester City away kit?* The only way to find out is to go along on Friday.

Anyone with an interest in historical research is welcome. As ever, it’s tea and cake at half-four, history at five and pub at six.

*Probably not.

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