Museum Studies: postgraduate open day and evening this Wednesday

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Thinking about studying for a Masters or a PhD in Museum Studies, on campus or from home? Come and find out more on Wednesday 16 February.

Our School of Museum Studies is, in a sense, the number one, top-of-the-heap, sans-pareil, absolute bestest university department in the country, bar none. Of course, it all depends how you measure these things but we’re pretty proud of this one. Basically, last time the Government compared research quality across all British universities, Museum Studies in Leicester was found to have the greatest cluster of world-leading researchers compared with any department of any sort in any university anywhere in the UK.

So what does it take to study as a postgraduate in a department like this? A good first step would be to come along on Wednesday 16 February 2011 to the departmental Open Day and Evening. You can find out about campus-based courses in the afternoon and distance learning courses after tea.

Museum Studies is just off the main campus at 19 University Road (see maps). However, if you would like a guided tour of campus, including our award-winning library and our shiny new Students’ Union, come along at 1.00pm to meet some of our current postgrads who can show you round. You’ll be back in plenty of time for the main events.

As well as information sessions about the various courses on offer, there will be four ‘bitesize’ lectures, although as one of them is resident palaeontologist Dave Unwin talking about Tyrannosaurus rex, that could be a pretty big bite. (Did you know we actually have a T rex fossil skeleton on campus? She’s called Jane and you’ll find her in the Department of Geology.) Everything should be wrapped up by about five o’clock.

If you would prefer to study from home (‘distance learning’) then come along to the evening session which kicks off at 6.00pm. You get the chance to ask questions about the courses and the whole distance learning schtick – plus a bitesize lecture on museums and human rights.

As well as great teaching and research, Museum Studies also has a very active postgraduate community. They have an excellent blog called The Attic and later this year the postgrads are running a conference on the esoteric side of museums: Curiouser and Curiouser, 28-30 March 2011.

Attending the Open Day or Open Evening is free and without obligation so if you’re interested contact the School of Museum Studies on 0116 252 3963 or

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