Introducing Leicester Exchanges - the floor is yours

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Leicester Exchanges is a major new project from the University of Leicester, a forum where the leading academics and other leading thinkers can discuss and debate important public policy issues of the day.

The floor is yours – that’s the idea behind Leicester Exchanges. It’s a forum where ideas can be proposed and argued around the important matters that affect us as a nation and as a planet. Weighty issues such as climate change, prison reform, space exploration and broken society.

Our academics put their point of view, along with some big name invited guests. And then the floor is yours to agree, disagree (politely!), comment or clarify. We’re kicking off with debates on four big topics:

Happy nation – should we measure national well-being?

Dr David Bartram and Dr Edmund Chattoe-Brown from our Department of Sociology offer their views on the value of national happiness ahead of the Office for National Statistics public debate at Leicester on 21 February.

Climate change – deny, prevent or prepare?

Professor Robert Garner from our Department of Politics and International Relations and Dr Nelya Koteyko from our Department of Media and Communication examine new angles on possibly the most important topic of modern times.

Is Britain broken?

Dr Edmund Chattoe-Brown from our Department of Sociology and Dr Angus Cameron from our Department of Geography consider if the country is broken, who allegedly broke it and what prospects there might be for mending it.

Should man go to Mars?

Professor Martin Barstow from our College of Science and Engineering and Paul Abel, co-presenter of The Sky at Night, weigh up the pros and cons of human spaceflight to the Red Planet.

We will be adding further posts to the Leicester Exchanges website on a regular basis on these and other topics. Comments are positively welcome – the floor, as they say, is yours. If you would like to contribute a blog piece yourself we would be delighted - contact to discuss. Each debate will subsequently be summarised into a green paper which will be made available on the site.

Leicester Exchanges - the live debate

Our fifth debate: a consideration of whether society should ‘Punish or reform offenders?’ will be different. In addition to online it will take the form of a live exchange in London on 23 March 2011 in the appropriate and prestigious surroundings of the Tower of London. Professor Carol Hedderman from our Department of Criminology will be joined by panellists from national think tanks, charities and the probation service.

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