Kicking off the new year with a Chemistry conference

Posted by mjs76 at Dec 21, 2011 12:37 PM |
Spectroscopy and dynamics experts gather in Oadby, first week back.

Our Department of Chemistry is plunging straight into 2012 by hosting a conference as soon as the University reopens after the Christmas and New Year Break.

SDG 2012, the annual conference of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group will be held in our Oadby conference facilities over 4-6 January 2012. Speakers include:

  • Professor Eleanor Campbell, University of Edinburgh on ‘Electronic structure and ionisation mechanisms of fullerenes’
  • Professor Ken McKendrick, Heriot Watt University on ‘What can be learned about liquid surfaces by scattering things off them?’*
  • Professor Dr Hans Jakob Wörner, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich on ‘Probing electronic dynamics in molecules with high-harmonic spectroscopy’
  • Professor Steve Bradforth, University of Southern California on ‘Photoionization, photodissociation or ultrafast relaxation? How aqueous aromatics deal with a UV photon’
  • Dr Philipp Kukura, University of Oxford on ‘Light at the limit: peeking into the nanoworld with ultrafast and single molecule optics’
  • Dr Martin Paterson, Heriot Watt University on ‘Correlated methods for excited electronic state: development and applications’

Leicester contributors include Benjamin Shepperson on ‘Hot molecules in helium nanodroplets: a new route to optical spectra’, Matthew Guttridge on ‘Electronic Spectroscopy of Lithium-Ammonia and Lithium-Methylamine complexes’ and posters from:

  • Abdullah Almohammedi: ‘Resonance Raman spectroscopy of heart cells’
  • Emma Comber: ‘Visualising the assembly of pore-forming proteins in biomembranes using optical tweezing Raman spectroscopy’
  • Daniel Spence: 'Plasmon hybridization in nanosphere pairs’

In addition to all the presentations, posters and networking, the conference will feature a dinner on Thursday night to be followed by the legendary Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group pub quiz.

SDG 2012 is sponsored by Photonis, Laser 2000, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, Photonic Solutions, Coherent and RSC Publishing with travel grants provided by Taylor and Francis Group.

*Obviously it’s still early days but this has to be considered one of the best presentation titles of 2012 so far.