Anglo-Indian collaboration is picture perfect

Posted by pt91 at Dec 07, 2011 10:53 AM |
University event celebrates handover of specialised camera equipment to Indian delegation for Astrosat-India’s first national astronomy satellite.

Highly specialised equipment constructed at the University of Leicester for India’s first national astronomy satellite was handed over to a delegation from India on 5th December in an event that saw the culmination of a unique Anglo-Indian collaboration.

The Indian Space Research Organisation approached the University of Leicester Space Research Centre to undertake the Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT) camera development due to Leicester’s acclaimed track record in specialised X-ray camera design.

The five instruments in Astrosat’s payload will observe exotic objects and phenomena such as black holes, neutron stars, and active galaxies at a number of different wavelengths simultaneously, from the ultraviolet band to energetic x-rays.

The event on 5th December was attended by not only the Indian and UK Astrosat teams, but also by Deputy Mayor Councillor, Ted Cassidy, Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Mark Thompson and members of the Indo British Trade Council and local councillors.

Following this visit, the University of Leicester team will fly over to India for the final test of the CCD camera for the SXT before the expected launch in 2012.

Leicester’s involvement with Astrosat is hugely significant, not just for the University, but for Leicester as a whole. It speaks volumes for the scientific and technological expertise housed at the University of Leicester that it has been sought-out to develop this equipment. It is something the whole city can be proud of.

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