A busy old year: 2011 in review

Posted by mjs76 at Dec 23, 2011 02:20 PM |
Over the past 12 months, Newsblog has brought you news about everything that has happened at the University of Leicester.

We have posted more than 850 stories about our teaching, our research, awards won, honours bestowed, dozens of conferences hosted and scores of public lectures presented.

Join us again in 2012. Until then, here’s a round-up of just a few highlights from the past 365 days of Newsblog.

Merry Christmas from the Newsblog team: Mike, Peter and Fatihah





Conducting students and Kasabian,
Gardens (Botanic) and falcons (Arabian),
Geology seminars: ship-to-shore,
Lampreys, ospreys, Patrick Moore,
Desmond Tutu, allotment rents,
Earthquakes, eclipses, elements,
Mars, maths, museums and battling Shakespeare
The Newsblog team wish you: a happy new year!

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