Vintage Leicester ragmag for sale on eBay

Posted by mjs76 at Aug 09, 2011 05:02 PM |
A rare chance to buy a piece of history - the 1968 edition of ‘Lucifer’.

Were you a student here at the University of Leicester in 1968? If you were, you probably bought a copy of that year’s ragmag, Lucifer, for two and six (12.5p). You may even have been a member of Rag and sold a few copies to raise money for the Rag charities.

If you have misplaced your ragmag in the intervening 43 years, here’s a chance to pick up a replacement. Someone is advertising on eBay a good condition copy of the 1968 Lucifer, full of local adverts, dodgy jokes, silly cartoons and a message from the Vice-Chancellor. The starting price is 30 quid but, a couple of coffee stains aside, this is in remarkably good nick and you won’t find one anywhere else. The auction closes in seven days.

While you’re on eBay, why not complete your collection with this ticket for the 1968 ‘Rag Hop’ featuring Chris Farlowe and Timebox, a snip at 18 pounds?

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