Leicester triumphs in National Student Survey

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The results of a national survey of student satisfaction with their universities has placed Leicester top after Oxbridge out of 120 mainstream public universities.

Leicester was the top university in the East Midlands in this major independent survey of undergraduate students and narrowly scored behind the universities of Oxford and Cambridge for all aspects of the student experience.

The government-initiated, independent National Student Survey (NSS) has been carried out each year since 2005 to capture the educational experience of students. Leicester has never been ranked outside of the top 10.

Top 20 mainstream public universities in Britain

Position University Score
1= Oxford 4.28
1= Cambridge 4.28
3 Leicester 4.17
4 Loughborough 4.15
5 Durham 4.13
6= Bath 4.11
6= St Andrews 4.11
8= Glasgow 4.10
8= Keele 4.10
10 Aberystwyth 4.09
11= Exeter 4.08
11= Huddersfield 4.08
13= Bristol 4.07
13= York 4.07
13= Lancaster 4.07
13= Newcastle 4.07
13= Surrey 4.07
18= Brunel 4.06
18= Sheffield 4.06
18= Bangor 4.06

The scores shown are the average score out of five given by respondents to the 22 questions of the NSS for each university. The full results by subject are available at www.unistats.ac.uk

The NSS covers 22 questions in seven areas including teaching, assessment, support, management and resources. In 2011 around 265,000 final-year students from across the UK responded to the survey. The results of the survey provide valuable information for prospective students, and help universities and colleges to further improve the education they provide.

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