Leicester political economists write for the Guardian

Posted by pt91 at Aug 15, 2011 04:35 PM |
Academics talk on political action and zombies

David Harvie and Keir Milburn, both lecturers in our School of Management, have written an article and a blog for The Guardian, one of the world’s leading online newspapers. 

The blog, titled The zombie of neoliberalism can be beaten – through mass direct action, discusses what Dr Harvie and Dr Milburn term 'zombie-liberalism' and its role in the current financial crisis through the consistent use of such policies by bankers, politicians and business leaders.  

The academics suggest that recent scandals, such as that over phone-hacking and MPs’ expenses, are symptoms of a ‘living-dead’ state and point at mass political action by the public, as seen in Greece, as an effective response to such policies. 

Dr David Harvie is a Senior Lecturer in Finance and Political Economy and Dr Keir Milburn is a Lecturer in Political Economy and Organisation at the University of Leicester.

Read David Harvie's blog for the happiness and national wellbeing debate on Leicester Exchanges.

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