Leicester experts talk to BBC about riots

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University of Leicester academics explain the difference between civil unrest now and in the 1980s, and the relevance of social media.
Leicester experts talk to BBC about riots

James Treadwell

Among the many stories being posted on the BBC News website about the current spate of riots in London and other cities is a story which featuresd a contribution from James Treadwell, a lecturer in our Department of Criminology.

James, who teaches undergraduate and postgraduate modules on 'youth crime', explained the differences between what is happening now and the politically motivated riots which happened during the 1980s.

"It's about the acquisition of goods," he told the website. "It's quite planned, it's about getting hold of a new laptop."

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Following this, James was also interviewed by the BBC's One Show (available on iPlayer until 17 August) and Central News.

Fellow Criminology lecturer Dr Matt Hopkins also spoke to Bloomberg about the possibility that Government cuts and austerity measures could be related to the riots.

Meanwhile, Dr Paul Reilly from our Department of Media and Communication was interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester this morning about how social media is involved with the present situation.

You can hear Paul on Ben Jackson's show, starting at 1h47m in.

UPDATE: Paul returned to BBC Leicester on 12 August to speak to Jonathan Lampon about Government plans to shutdown social media during riots.

He also gave an interview to UKAuthorITy and the Current, a current affairs radio programme produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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