Geology field trips... to the sculpture exhibition

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Watch art meet science on a guided tour with a difference.

Our Botanic Garden is currently home to a collection of large chunks of rock which leading sculptors have fashioned into artistic works. But how much do you know about the actual materials involved? For that, you need a geologist.

Book yourself a place on a geological field trip around the exhibition and let Dr Gawen Jenkin from our Department of Geology identify and describe the different types of rock and stone on display. Gawen will show you microscope images of the rocks which reveal a level of structure invisible to the naked eye, and will also explain the geological origins of the ores used to make the metal sculptures and the oil used to make the plastic ones.

It’s a unique way to view the exhibition and there are two tour dates:

  • Thursday 25 August (6.00pm-8.00pm)
  • Tuesday 13 September (5.00-7.00pm)

On the latter date, Gawen will be joined by sculptor Austin Orwin who teaches sculpture at Embrace Arts and between them they will offer complementary views of the artworks on view.

Art and science, science and art, together at last. What better demonstration could there be of collaboration between what Leicester alumnus CP Snow famously called the two cultures?

Places on the geology tours must be booked in advance - £3.00 for adults, free for kids – through Embrace Arts (box office 0116 252 2455). Special tours adapted for specific groups can also be arranged; contact Embrace Arts for details.

For schools, there is also the opportunity to become ‘Rock Detectives’ in the Botanic Garden, learning about the geology of the rocks on display and the mysteries behind their formation, then making a sculpture from quick-drying clay to take home. This outreach programme, designed for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 is led by Gawen and is supported by the Curry Fund of the Geologists’ Association. To book, contact The SEED Store on 0116 271 2933 or

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