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Oranges and Sunshine: new film partially shot at University of Leicester.

Now on general release around the UK is Oranges and Sunshine, a powerful true-life drama directed by Jim Loach* and starring Emily Watson.

It tells the story of Margaret Humphreys, a social worker from Nottingham who in the 1980s discovered that for decades successive British Governments had been secretly transporting poor children to Australia (and other colonies). Humphreys investigated this massive, unknown project of forced emigration and uncovered an international scandal of epic proportions.

The reason why this film is of particular interest to the University of Leicester is that part of it was filmed here. Most of the UK scenes were shot in Nottingham but for one particular scene in a library the cast and crew decamped to Leicester and set up in our David Wilson Library for a day. You can see a couple of shots inside the Library in the film’s trailer.

Produced by Sixteen Films and See-Saw Films, distributed by Icon, Oranges and Sunshine was shot in November 2009 and the film was eventually released earlier this month. In Leicester, it’s playing at Phoenix Square until 21 April.

Emily Watson in a scene from Oranges and Sunshine, filmed in the David Wilson Library, University of Leicester. Image (c) Icon Films

*Son of Ken Loach, in case you were wondering.

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