Leicester graduates in the news: Atifete Jahjaga

Posted by mjs76 at Apr 11, 2011 02:10 PM |
Kosovan Senior Police Officer who has been elected as the country’s new President.

The newly elected President of the Republic of Kosovo is Atifete Jahjaga who has a Postgraduate Certificate in Criminal Justice and Police Management from the University of Leicester. She studied by distance learning and received her qualification in 2007, shortly before Kosovan independence.

Born in 1975, Jahjaga is a police officer who has risen through the ranks to become Deputy Director of the Kosovo Police Force but had no previous political ambitions. Her election by the Kosovo Assembly last week met with the approval of the country’s main political parties and the US Ambassador and is a precursor to the public election of a President next year.

Jahjaga’s inaugural speech outlined the country’s commitment towards becoming a member of both the EU and the UN.

The election has been widely covered in the press including features in The Economist and on the CNN website. The Republic of Kosovo was declared in February 2008 and is currently recognised by 75 countries including the UK.

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