Free-flow turbines workshop on 6 May

Posted by mjs76 at Apr 19, 2011 04:55 PM |
Exploring the engineering challenges of hydroelectric generation without damming.

On Friday 6 May our Departments of Engineering and Mathematics host a one-day workshop on free-flow turbines with speakers from across the UK and further afield.

Generating electricity from water currents often involves building a dam, which can have serious environmental impacts. Free flow turbines operate independently of anything like that, anchored to the sea- or river-bed and rotating sufficiently slowly so as not to pose a danger to fish.

Although not as efficient as fixed 'high end' turbines, free-flow turbines are much more environmentally friendly. The challenge is to maximise their efficiency without compromising their eco-friendliness.

International speakers (who hopefully won’t be troubled by ash clouds this time) include Alexander M Gorlov (PDF) from Northeastern University in Boston - inventor of the Gorlov Helical Turbine - plus Gregorio Iglesias from University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Alexander Demidov from Moscow University.

The turbine workshop takes place in the Michael Atiyah Building from 9.30am on Friday 6 May 2011. It is free and open to everyone with an interest in the topic.

This event was originally scheduled for last year but had to be cancelled when the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud threw European travel into chaos.