Bosworth sword-fighting video online

Posted by mjs76 at Apr 15, 2011 11:15 AM |
Watch the Second Battle of Bosworth Field on YouTube.

We recently told you how students in our School of English had worked with East Midlands theatre companies Lostboys Productions and 1623 Theatre Company to study the climax of Shakespeare's Richard III.

Part of this involved a day of learning exciting-but-safe sword-fighting techniques in the authentic surroundings of the actual location where the final act of the play is set - Bosworth Battlefield.

Now Lostboys have posted a short, action-packed video of the project, showing how the students coped and including comments about how valuable (and fun) the whole thing was.

King Richard III:
Whence shall the morrow's bloody fight
Tear England's green sward asunder?
Bosworth, I hear, but what very field shall ring
To clash of steel swords and cries of valour?
My liege, we are agreed with no dissenter
Here shall we meet, just behind the Visitor Centre.

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