Arguing the Anthropocene in Aspen

Posted by mjs76 at Sep 02, 2010 05:12 PM |
Leicester Geologist discusses the influence of human activity on the planet: videos online.

Back in July, Jan Zalasiewicz from our Department of Geology travelled to Colorado to take part in the Aspen Environment Forum (AEF) 2010. A collaboration between the Aspen Institute and National Geographic, the AEF attracts researchers, journalists and explorers from all over the globe to discuss – and celebrate – the natural world.

While he was there, Jan took part in two panerls which were videoed and are now available to view online. Both dealt with the concept of the Anthropocene, the view that the influence of industrial society has rendered the last couple of centuries as a distinct epoch from the Holocene, which started 12,000 years ago with the introduction of farming.

(We covered the nuts and bolts of this back in March when Jan was co-author of an editorial piece on this subject in an environmental journal.)

Emerging Era: We’re Now in the Anthropocene

Panelists:  Jonathan Foley (University of Minnesota), Sally Bingham (Interfaith Power and Light), Jan Zalasiewicz (University of Leicester)

Moderator: David Monsma (The Aspen Institute)

Stewardship in the Anthropocene

Panelists: Jan Zalasiewicz (University of Leicester), Jerry Glover (The Land Institute, Salina), Jonathan Foley (University of Minnesota), Rev. Richard Cizik (New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good)

Moderator: Andrew Revkin (Pace University)