Student volunteers spend a day at a local school

Posted by mjs76 at Nov 12, 2010 04:30 PM |
Leicester students create a garden that will benefit not only the children but also the local wildlife.

Work started back in June as part of Make a Difference Day, a national campaign by the organisation CSV (Community Service Volunteers). The student volunteers created a willow tunnel, installed nesting boxes (which they had made themselves) and planted hundreds of bulbs and seeds in the grounds of All Saints Church of England Primary School, Wigston.

The aim was to make a space which was enticing to wildlife while also providing a quiet, contemplative area for children to study on nice days. Equipment and materials were genersouly supplied by the Saffron Acres Project, Glebe Garden Centre in Countesthorpe and the Wigston branch of Wilkinson.

All Saints Primary School was founded in 1881 and the current building dates from 1976. The most notable event in the school’s history was the crash of a Lancaster Bomber in the school grounds in February 1946. The aircraft was taking part in operational exercises when it was struck by lightning.

The crew, who were all Polish, aimed the stricken aircraft for the nearest patch of open ground – the school playing field – and thereby avoided the loss of life that would have occurred if the plane had hit buildings. But in doing so, all six airmen lost their own lives. The school’s website contains a wonderful memorial to the crew and their aircraft.