Space Centre and University in orbit around each other

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Astronomically successful collaboration between two Leicester institutions.
Space Centre and University in orbit around each other

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Back in the 1990s, the University of Leicester was a Founding Partner in the coalition which created, in Leicester, the biggest and best space-based visitor attraction outside North America – the National Space Centre. Over the ensuing decade and a half we have maintained close links with the Space Centre, a relationship which was explained in detail by Mike Kapur, Chairman of the National Space Centre Operating Company, at a recent event.

It was the University’s track record in space science – we’ve been doing it for fifty years – which underpinned the successful bid to the Millennium Commission. Academics, researchers and technicians from our Department of Physics and Astronomy provided advice and guidance to the Space Centre and its ‘crew’ throughout the development period and have continued to do so on specific projects since the Centre was opened in June 2001.

In 2003, some of our scientists actually became exhibits themselves when the Beagle 2 operations centre was established at the space centre. Although the mission itself was ill-fated, much was learned both about technology and about generating public interest in space exploration.

More recent collaborations between the National Space Centre and the University of Leicester include the Space Academy outreach project, the new Space Race exhibition, the We Are Astronomers film in the Space Theatre (narrated by none other than David Tennant) and last year’s sold out lecture by Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke.