Breaking the Boundaries: Applying Science to Heritage Studies

Posted by mjs76 at May 20, 2010 04:10 PM |
The University’s Research Support Office is organising an event for staff and students on Thursday 27 May about the overlap between science and heritage.

'Breaking the Boundaries: Applying Science to Heritage Studies' is a collaboration with our College of Science and Engineering, College of Arts, Humanities and Law and Enterprise and Business Development office.

The keynote speakers will be Dr Paul Vernon and Dr Martin Morlidge from the Heritage Science Unit at the Science and Technology Facilities Council. Short presentations from University researchers will include:

  • Mapping Brownfields (WW2-Victorian-Norman-Roman....) - Dr Ian Hill (Geology)
  • An Analysis of British Iron Age coins from the Hallaton hoard - Professor Sarah Hainsworth (Engineering)
  • Using Chemical Analysis to Track the History of Objects - Professor Rob Hillman (Chemistry)
  • Representing Re-Formation: Reconstructing Renaissance Monuments - Dr Phillip Lindley (History of Art) and Prof George Fraser (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Remote-sensing the Mind of Ancient Artisans and Builders with Microfossils - Dr Mark Williams (Geology)
  • Applying Space Technology to Heritage Studies - Dr John Lapington (Space Research Centre, Physics and Astronomy)
  • Tracing Networks: From Ancient Craft Traditions to Global Computing Models - Professor Lin Foxhall (Archaeology)

The event kicks off at 12.30pm with lunch, speakers start at 1.15pm and it runs through to 5.00pm. To reserve a place for lunch and for the event, please contact Juliet Bailey in the Research Support Office at