A night at the Clock Tower

Posted by mjs76 at May 13, 2010 09:55 AM |
Leicester medical students sleep rough to raise funds and awareness for local homeless people.

Has student accommodation come to this? Are the Halls of Residence so full that University of Leicester students are forced to sleep on the pavement? Not at all: when a hundred students from our Medical School slept rough in Leicester city centre, they were doing so for local charity Action Homeless. The event was organised by Medsin Leicester as part of the HOMED project.

Medsin Leicester is a branch of Medsin UK, which is a network of medical students across the country with a shared interest in health. Medsin UK in turn is part of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) which is represented in 91 countries and is an official partner of the World Health Organisation.

Medsin Leicester works with healthcare students to explore current global and local health issues, such as poverty, trade, access to essential medicines and equality in health (in a fun and exciting way where possible). Among several projects, HOMED addresses issues relating to homelessness and social exclusion, such as drug addiction, prostitution and mental health.

Which is why the students spent a chilly night huddled together around the Clock Tower in the centre of Leicester, sipping hot drinks from the Salvation Army and trying to get comfortable on/under cardboard boxes donated by Morrisons (although sleeping bags were allowed). Each participant paid five pounds for the privilege and sponsorship by friends helped to raise even more money, all of which will be used by Action Homeless to help local homeless people.

You can support the students by donating through their CharityGiving webpage.