The great bicycle lock swap

Posted by mjs76 at Mar 23, 2010 10:04 AM |
A joint project between our Security Office, the Students’ Union and the local constabulary has provided cyclists across campus with better, stronger bike locks.

Like any University, Leicester has a high proportion of cyclists among both students and staff. Unfortunately, that also makes the place potentially rich pickings for bike thieves if people don’t secure their bikes efficiently. A good, solid, weighty D-lock, that’s what knowledgeable folk recommend, not one of those convenient-but-lightweight cables which can be snipped through in a few seconds.

You can’t absolutely 100% prevent bicycle thieves from operating but you can at least make them carry an angle-grinder around.

Last Friday, police and Security staff ran a free ‘lock swap’ session, exchanging people’s cable locks for Squire D-locks which normally retail for 35 quid a pop. In total, 275 were given away, meaning that 275 University of Leicester bicycles are more secure this week than they were seven days ago.

Staff and students who missed out on the lock swap can purchase a D-lock from the Security Office for £15 (staff) or £10 (students, on production of an NUS Xtra card) when signing up to the University’s Coded Cycle Scheme. The scheme ensures that, if Johnny Fingers does make off with your bicycle, Security at least have a record and photo of it.