New book on representations of disability within museums

Posted by mjs76 at Mar 05, 2010 11:24 AM |
Two academics from our School of Museum Studies have edited a new book which provides “the first ever comprehensive analysis and exploration of disability-related narratives in museums and galleries.”

Dr Richard Sandell, Head of the School of Museum Studies, and Jocelyn Dodd, Director of the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG), collaborated with Professor Rosemarie Garland-Thomson from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia to compile Re-Presenting Disability – Activism and Agency in the Museum.

In all, 28 researchers, academics and professionals have contributed to the book which includes chapters on: ‘Face to Face: Exhibiting and Interpreting Facial Disfigurement in a Museum Context’, ‘Hurting and Healing: Reflections on Representing Mental Illness in Museums’, ‘A Museum for All? The Norwegian Museum of Deaf History and Culture’ and, with a nod to one of Leicester’s most famous sons, ‘Behind the Shadow of Merrick’.

Re-Presenting Disability by Sandell, Dodd and Garland-Thomson is published by Routledge at £23.99 and can be ordered direct from the publisher.